About Me

Camera in hand, I love travels both on land and under the sea.   Capturing light, color, detail, and visual stories in the world around us brings me joy.

I primarily work in nature photography, including landscapes and underwater scenes but also love capturing people out and about.  I'm fascinated by color, unusual perspectives, contrasts in line and texture, and unexpected details.  I'm thrilled when my photos cause a  pause to breathe, a moment to reflect, or a smile at a memory. 

I studied under Bryan Peterson, Kathleen Clemens, William Yu,  Robert La Follette and Jim Patterson.  My photos have appeared in, among others; Forbes, Fodors,  Maui Ocean Center, Reader's Digest, Newswire, AP Images, BBC, and USA Today.

I was born and raised in Southern California, where my husband Mark and I raised our three children and we gladly still call home. 

I hope you enjoy a look at the world through my lens.

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